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Starting up the Elf Life community again

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May. 24th, 2006 | 12:51 pm
mood: awakeawake
posted by: carsonfire in elflife

It's either this or a MySpace account. And I can't see Elf Life posting half-naked pictures of itself and... wait, maybe I can.

What I'm doing now is starting the series over for the book, which still must be published. There are a number of new comics that must be produced to enhance the original story, so I have begun (just barely) posting the new prologue at bookelves.com. The new site is for keeping a solid wall between this new, special edition of Elf Life, and the messy old archives at elflife.com. The old Elf Life site, though, will still remain the home site of Elf Life.

There is also a new FAQ at elflife.com going into this in a little more detail.

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from: kaichi_satake
date: May. 24th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)

Yay! I don't see any reason why you shouldn't have this and a MySpace for Elf Life. That gives people more of a chance to see your update messages and such, and also gives you the opportunity to reach more new people than you'd reach with just one or the other. MySpace has gotten me some new readers for Angels of the Sword, while LJ has given me more of a personal kind of space to write at length about subjects related to it, where it's easier to get comments from others. Commenting in MySpace is kind of weird, so to me, it's more a tool to grow your readership than it is to talk about the comic-related stuff and get feedback on it.

Here, you can post an entry and get suggestions and ideas, but not that many new people come through LJ's. On MySpace, you can post bulletins to let the ones on your friends list know about updates or changes or other comics news, and also blogs (which are not quite as visible as LJ ones are), but to me, its main attraction is the networking ability. You can go over to someone else's page from your friends list, post a comment about an update or invite new people to come by and check out the comics, and have it seen by all those who regularly read the other person's comments. Even going to new friends' pages and posting a "Thanks for the add (or friend request)!" comment gets your avatar seen by new people, and if it's interesting enough, people will click on it to see what you're all about. Good sig lines do that same thing. No one minds this sort of thing (or if they do, they don't approve friend requests from bands or artists or others who might "spam" their comments), and you can get new people interested in your work, just from them following your comment on someone else's page. In that way, MySpace requires more work than LJ, but you can't get new readers coming in without putting in some work, ne? (~-^)

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